What people are saying about Violent Ends:

★ “The storytelling is wonderfully intense and distinctive on such a difficult, tragic topic. Readers will be captivated, not wanting to put the book down, but also needing a break due to the extremely engaging, emotionally charged content of characters’ feelings and thoughts.”
–VOYA, starred review
“Provocatively and effectively illustrates the multidimensionality of someone considered to be a monster.”
“A fresh and thought-provoking take on a disturbing but relevant topic.”
School Library Journal
“These stories humanize a troubled teenager, as well as the people who hurt him along the way, but the authors don’t let anyone off the hook, Kirby least of all.”
Publishers Weekly
“A wakeup call to readers regarding the consequences of their actions or inactions, intended or unintended, on their fellow teens during that difficult time we call adolescence.”